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Incidentally Discovered Sellar Masses (Pituitary Incidentalomas)

Written by: Guadalupe Navarro, RN and FNP student As providers, we often order imaging studies that result in unexpected findings. A common incidentally discovered abnormality is a pituitary adenoma, also known as pituitary incidentaloma. However, one must keep in mind that radiologists may over-interpret an anomaly <10 mm as a pituitary microadenoma, 99% of the …continue reading.

Got the Winter Blues?!? By Crystal Thomas, N.P.

  This pandemic has got us all feeling a little blue, and as the winter months approach, I think it is important to identify the risks of this potentially worsening. Seasonal affective disorder is a mood disorder that often has depressive episodes during the winter months and often resolve in the spring. Generally we will …continue reading.