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Incidentally Discovered Sellar Masses (Pituitary Incidentalomas)

Written by: Guadalupe Navarro, RN and FNP student As providers, we often order imaging studies that result in unexpected findings. A common incidentally discovered abnormality is a pituitary adenoma, also known as pituitary incidentaloma. However, one must keep in mind that radiologists may over-interpret an anomaly <10 mm as a pituitary microadenoma, 99% of the …continue reading.

What to expect if you need an MRI

Your doctor just ordered an MRI. You are not sure what to expect and you are not even sure what an MRI is. We are here to help. Usually a doctor will recommend Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) when an x-ray of the offending area does not provide enough detail to make a diagnosis. Unlike x-rays …continue reading.

You could be paying less for your medical tests.

 Many of us are working with new health insurance this year and are trying to navigate our coverage, claims and deductibles. If you have a health scare, this can be overwhelming. You might be surprised to know that there are “sticker prices” for outpatient image testing. Just like the sticker price on a car, these …continue reading.