Got the Winter Blues?!? By Crystal Thomas, N.P.


This pandemic has got us all feeling a little blue, and as the winter months approach, I think it is
important to identify the risks of this potentially worsening. Seasonal affective disorder is a mood disorder
that often has depressive episodes during the winter months and often resolve in the spring. Generally
we will find ourselves sleeping too much, eating too much, gaining weight, complaining of fatigue or lack
of interest. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or others that make you feel a little “blue” it is
important to contact your healthcare provider.

I think that it is hard enough we are battling social isolation, lack of physical contact and closure of things
we once enjoyed. I believe that SAD will be worse this year than many years prior, however, there is
help. Your healthcare provider is here to help support your mental health so that you can be the best
YOU. When visiting your provider you will under go a series of tests to rule out physical etiology, such as
thyroid issues or vitamin deficiencies. Once those are ruled out we can then start a treatment plan. Light
therapy is the first line recommendation, however we live in illinois, and we all know how cold it gets in
winter, so that may not be the best option. Exercise is proven to help as well as increasing your vitamin
D consumption. There are other pharmaceutical options such as anti anxiety/depression that can be