Office and Technology

If you are seeking a doctor in Plainfield, Advanced Integrative Medicine offers a wide variety of medical services. Conveniently, Advanced Integrative Medicine is a joint medical-dental clinic, so if you are having dental complications that are related to any medical conditions you can simply visit Ivory Dental in the same office.

Our office is designed for optimal patient comfort and efficiency. Our waiting room uses a soothing color scheme in order to help patients relax. Whether you are seeking medical condition management or physical exams in Plainfield, you can be assured that you will be in a welcoming, serene environment.

We utilize the latest technology at Advanced Integrative in order to serve you better. Our advanced technology includes:

Complete electronic medical record (EMR):
Studies have shown that an EMR significantly improves efficiency over paper-based medical records. We can safely transfer your medical records to specialists from whom you are receiving treatment. EMRs also allow for improved accuracy, as these records are typed and not hand-written. We can also email your charts to you so that you can save them on your computer.

ePrescriptions are computer-generated prescriptions that are sent directly to your pharmacy. This allows for faster, more convenient prescription service and also streamlines the refill authorization process.

An eFax ensures privacy and helps promote open communication between patient and doctor.