Healthy Lifestyle Management

Advanced Integrative Medicine, doctor’s office in Plainfield, offers a variety of healthy lifestyle management plans to prevent medical complications down the line. Whether you are looking to regain the activity level you had in your 20s or for simple changes that could improve your life, Dr. Patel will come up with an individual plan that suits your needs. Healthy lifestyle plans include:

Smoking Cessation
No matter what the age, quitting smoking has been shown to provide immediate health benefits. Patients who quit smoking often report better-smelling breath and clothes, a heightened sense of smell, better-tasting food, and an easier time climbing up stairs and exercising. Dr. Patel aids patients in both the mental and physical aspects of smoking cessation, helping patients get through withdrawal symptoms.

Heart Disease Prevention
Men over the age of 45 and women over the age of 55 are at greater risk of heart disease. For patients who are prone to heart disease, Dr. Patel provides a heart-healthy maintenance plan in addition to monitoring blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Weight Management
Whether you are underweight or overweight, Dr. Patel will provide you with a management plan to get you to a healthy size. He will first perform a series of blood work to rule out any endocrine disorders that could affect your weight. Then, Dr. Patel will map out a diet and exercise plan personalized to fit your dietary needs and lifestyle. He can also help determine whether a new diet or exercise regime you’re interested in is right for you.

Osteoporosis Prevention
After the age of 30, it is natural for the bones to start thinning. Dr. Patel, doctor Plainfield IL, helps patients prevent osteoporosis by monitoring calcium and Vitamin D levels and prescribing the type of exercise that is right for your body. He will also help create a plan to make sure you intake an adequate amount of vitamins every day.

Diabetes Maintenance
Dr. Patel’s diabetes maintenance program helps patients keep normal blood levels, prevent diabetes-related complications, and manage their weight safely. He monitors your blood levels and prescribes a special diet and exercise plan designed to control diabetes.

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