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Managing Patients with Hypertension

Written by: Guadalupe Navarro, RN and FNP student As a provider, it is imperative that one is aware of how to appropriately manage patients with hypertension. To achieve this one must understand how each anti-hypertensive class works. Ace-inhibitors work by interfering with the body’s renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system. Thus, dilating the blood vessels and increasing blood flow. …continue reading.

Incidentally Discovered Sellar Masses (Pituitary Incidentalomas)

Written by: Guadalupe Navarro, RN and FNP student As providers, we often order imaging studies that result in unexpected findings. A common incidentally discovered abnormality is a pituitary adenoma, also known as pituitary incidentaloma. However, one must keep in mind that radiologists may over-interpret an anomaly <10 mm as a pituitary microadenoma, 99% of the …continue reading.

Got the Winter Blues?!? By Crystal Thomas, N.P.

  This pandemic has got us all feeling a little blue, and as the winter months approach, I think it is important to identify the risks of this potentially worsening. Seasonal affective disorder is a mood disorder that often has depressive episodes during the winter months and often resolve in the spring. Generally we will …continue reading.

Heart Attacks in Women

Women are doing it all these days – the work/life balance isn’t easy. They are putting in extra hours at the office while managing an active home, kids schedules, meals, errands, relationships and daily life. There’s a lot of stress, a lot of dining out and not a lot of time to exercise. It’s no …continue reading.

Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

Fall has officially arrived and Halloween is right around the corner! The leaves are finally changing and the temps are falling! It’s pumpkin carving time!  Although this time honored tradition is a messy endeavor, inside the “guts” of that pumpkin is a low carb, high protein treat with amazing health benefits– and preparing them requires …continue reading.

Take the STING Out of Summer

Summertime fun sometimes comes with a little bite. Despite our best efforts to keep the bugs and the UVA rays away, sometimes summer gets the best of us. Here are some of our favorite home remedies to take the STING out of some of summer’s most common complaints! Wasp and Bee Stings Scrape away the …continue reading.

Friends and Family CPR Program

CPR saves lives! When someone is in cardiac arrest, knowing the basics of CPR can keep your friend, family member or anyone alive until medical personnel arrive.  The staff at AIM is offering a Friends & Family CPR program for those who want to learn CPR but do not need a CPR course completion card …continue reading.

Lose the Resolutions!

We see it every January. Patients set New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, eat better, and get into shape. Gyms fill up with enthusiastic newbies and social media newsfeeds overwhelm us with tips and fad diets, promising us quick weight loss and abs in 30 days. All this information can seem exhausting, restrictive and frustrating. …continue reading.

Pelvic, Paps and Checkups, OH MY!

Ladies! We want you to take care of yourself. Often women ignore their female health concerns because they are too busy with their studies, career, kids or all of the above. Although guidelines have changed for pap smears and cervical cancer screenings, your annual exam is still very important to your overall health and well-being. …continue reading.

Zika Virus Concerns

With the 2016 Summer Olympic Games just a few weeks away, the anxiety about the spread and transmission of the Zika virus remains a global concern. Scientists are calling for the Olympic Committee to move the games out of Rio, seemingly the “epicenter’ for the Aedes mosquito that transmits the infection. Just this week, golfer …continue reading.